Bin Peng

S-322, Turner Hall


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Assistant Professor, Department of Crop Sciences

Research Focus: Ecohydrology, Watershed hydrology, Water quality, Agroecosystem modeling, Hydrological modeling, Remote Sensing, Digital Agriculture, Precision Conservation

Biography: Dr. Bin Peng is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Water and Agriculture at Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). His core research interests center around unraveling the complexities of water, nutrient, and carbon cycles within diverse agricultural landscapes and their interconnectedness with downstream water quality. To tackle these challenges, his research leverages various tools and methods, including field measurement, computational and process-based modeling (hydrological, cropping system, ecosystem and earth system modeling), remote sensing, geospatial big data, model-data integration, and artificial intelligence.

Mission Statement: Dr. Peng is deeply motivated to drive transdisciplinary, convergence, and use-inspired research for breaking new ground in scientific exploration. He is passionate about developing innovative technologies and systems solutions in digital agriculture and precision conservation to foster sustainable agri-food systems and preserve healthy watersheds amidst the pressures of land use intensification and climate change. The driving force behind his research pursuits lies in addressing critical societal issues, including ensuring water, food and energy security, enhancing water quality and environmental sustainability, and nurturing rural economies and human well-being both in the United States and across the globe.


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