Carl Bernacchi


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USDA Agricultural Research Service Plant Physiologist; Adjunct Professor of Plant Biology

Research Focus: Impacts of climate change on crop physiology, energy fluxes between the atmosphere and plant canopies, carbon sequestration, crop canopy responses to stress

Biography: Dr. Bernacchi is a Professor in the Department of Crop Sciences and Plant Biology, and Research Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS. He got his Ph.D. at University of Illinois. He is involved in SoyFACE and the Ameriflux network. He is now running two eddy covariance flux towers in Bondville, Illinois. 

Mission Statement: Dr. Bernacchi’s research focus is to understand the impacts of atmospheric and climatic change on crop species important to the US Midwest. Included in these analyses are global change scenarios as well as natural variations in growth conditions over a wide range of temporal scales.