Emily Heaton

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Regenerative Ag Stakeholder; Coordinator, Professor of Crop Sciences

Research Focus: Crop Production, Sustainable Food Systems

Biography: Dr. Heaton is a Regenerative Agriculture professor in the Crop Sciences department at the University of Illinois. Her research investigates the growth and productivity of perennial grasses to guide their management of biomass, ecosystem services, and profit. As Feedstock Production Theme Leader for the Center of Advanced Bioenergy and Byproducts CABBI) Dr. Heaton advances the generation of fundamental plant science for climate-smart production in CABBI. These resilient grass crops produce oils in their stems to replace fossil oils. Dr. Heaton leads the Illinois Regenerative Agriculture Initiative and connects researchers and stakeholders to advance knowledge and practices that foster health and wealth, particularly in disinvested Midwest communities.

Mission Statement: Dr. Heaton connects science with practice to incorporate perennial biomass crops into temperate cropping systems. She does this through the lens of regenerative agriculture, using combined field-modeling approaches to identify tactics that improve environmental and social outcomes in the US Midwest. An international expert, Heaton helps growers use the giant grass miscanthus for a range of bioproducts and ecosystem services.

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