Shenglong Wang

3336 Siebel Center for Comp Sci

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Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Research Focus: 3D computer vision and robotics, particularly in two areas: (a) developing computational algorithms to sense and perceive the 3D environment for navigation, and (b) creating accurate and practical digital replicas of objects and scenes. 

Biography: I am an Assistant Professor at the UIUC Department of Computer Science, affiliated with Computer Vision @ UIUC and Illinois Robotics Group. Before joining UIUC, I was a visiting scholar at the Intel Intelligent Systems Lab, working with Vladlen Koltun. I finished my PhD at Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto and worked as a research scientist at Uber ATG, working with Raquel Urtasun.

Mission Statement: My goal is to make robots assist us in our daily lives in the open world. To reach this goal, I have focused on building more reliable and generalizable mobile robots, such as self-driving vehicles. I leverage my knowledge in computer vision, robotics and deep learning to tackle problems such as 3D perception and reconstruction, localization and mapping, motion estimation, simulation, and deep structural learning.