News / In The News / January 30, 2023

New Documentary from Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB)

Watch a new documentary the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) has produced about Illinois environmental work.

We are so proud to be a part of this documentary the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) produced about our home state’s environmental work, entitled “Sustaining Our Future: A Farm Family Story”. We are proud to be part of this journey to work with the families and individuals to help their bottom line while also advancing agricultural sustainability on our land.

About the Agroecosystem Sustainability Center (ASC): The Agroecosystem Sustainability Center was founded in 2021 to lead global efforts in harmonizing sustainable food production with thriving ecosystems. The Center strives to revolutionize agricultural systems through research, collaboration, and engagement, bridging science and practice for agricultural productivity and ecosystem sustainability. Centered in the heart of Midwest on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign under the umbrella of both the College of Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) and the Institute of Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment (iSEE), ASC is positioned at the critical intersection of academia, industry, policy, and on-the-ground practice. ASC is creating a diverse and dynamic hub for driving change and is committed to transforming its research into practical and scalable solutions, fortifying our ecosystems, bolstering farm profitability, and empowering agricultural systems to proactively mitigate and adapt to the realities of climate change.

Media Contact: Mike Koon, ASC Communication Lead (